Hori-name is a typical way of naming tattooists in Japan. In old times carvers also used to use this way. Hori means both carving and tattooing.

HannyaThey say hannya has four expressions, anger, sorrow, jealousy and agony.And it might look as if it’s ashamed of its own pitiful appearance.Hannya looks like an Oni, but it w

Finally The Rusuitenji Rising Dragon finishesd! This guy had come several times a year by bullet train from Yamaguchi for the weekends.Last year, I think it was only t

Musha-e One of the most popular categories in traditional Japanese tattoos is samurai warrior, called Musha-e, such as “Raiko slaying demons at Mt.Ooeyama”, “Hedesato defeating giant centipede”,

Kirin is a mythological sacred creature known in East Asian cultures. It appears when the king governs in perfect virtues called Jin 仁. 

On March 2022, it was found that the stone had split into two parts. Some netizens expressed their fear of the exorcised Kitsune. On 26 March 2022, the local government had priests host a ceremony to

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